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Fall/Winter '22 - Trendy jeans

Fall/Winter '22 - Trendy jeans

Geisha has become big by manufacturing the perfect jeans. Now over twenty years later, that's what we still do, every season, producing the perfect jeans! Only nowadays that's no longer one model, but seven styles in different models.

The Geisha jeans trends of Fall/Winter 2022 in a row:


The mom-fit is for every woman who loves comfort. The jeans get their name from the fact that in the late 80s and early 90s almost every mother wore such a model of jeans. In recent years, this model is back. Characteristic of the pants is a high waist, the loose fit and a somewhat narrower leg. The stiff sturdy fabric is also characteristic for this model.
The mom-fit is perfect for every style. Casual trendy with sneakers underneath and a nice plaid blazer and a tight top under the blazer. For a more formal look, very trendy with boots underneath and a blazer with a blouse in the pants.

Wide leg

The wide leg jeans have wide legs over the entire length. The back pockets are usually larger and deeper. The jeans are often high in the waist. A model which is very suitable to show off a larger behind. Therefore very suitable to wear a short top or sweater over it. But also very oversized is beautiful with a wide leg. High heels under it and you have a somewhat more subtle look. If you want to go casual trendy again you can take your sneakers out of the closet. A crew sock in your sneaker is also very stylish with a wide leg. A crew sock comes just below the middle of the calf. These socks are meant to stand out and form a real eye catcher with your sneaker. Fold the legs up a bit and you're ready to go.

Flared leg

Flared jeans have been gaining ground in recent years and are now a staple on the fashion streets. The model is tight at the buttocks and thighs and then flares out. The model accentuates the figure of the woman in several positive areas. Not only do you look longer, but if you choose the right washing you can also make your legs look narrower. Super feminine with high heels underneath. Very trendy with cowboy boots or a sneaker with a flat (raised) sole. Tops, blouses and T-shirts all do very well with flared jeans. A real must-have in your closet!

High waist

For many women the high waist jeans are the invention of the century. The high waist jeans have the most feminine fit. You can easily hide a small belly and you look slimmer because this model gives you a nice slender waist. A beautiful pair of high waist jeans is great to combine with a top that you wear inside the pants or a blouse that hangs loose from the pants. Are you blessed with a nice flat stomach then a nice crop top will definitely fit over it. You can make it even more stylish by wearing a loose-fitting blouse over it. The high waist jeans can be worn very well with heels or sneakers. Also the 'crew socks' are doing very well here.

Jog jeans

The jog denim jeans look like normal jeans but sit like jogging pants. The comfort of these jeans is ideal! For when you want to look dressed up but still be comfortable. Tops, sweaters and T-shirts with a cardigan do very well over a jogging. If you prefer something more dressy, a blazer is also a good choice to wear over a jogging. Fold the legs up a little and wear a nice pair of pumps underneath or a cool pair of sneakers.

Straight fit

The straight fit jeans are the most classic jeans. The jeans have a timeless fit because they fall straight down. Also, the jeans have a normal hip height and the jeans fall nicely on the ankles. These jeans can be combined with almost everything. What is extra fun for this winter is to wear jeans on jeans. So wear a nice jeans blouse above and you have a very trendy outfit. Also under these jeans heels are very nice, but very trendy are the sneakers with a flat sole.

Skinny fit

The skinny jeans are the favorite of many women and are indispensable in your wardrobe. Skinny jeans are tight around your legs. Skinny jeans come in different shapes, high, medium and low waist. With lots of stretch or less stretch. Ideal garment to wear with the beautiful cowboy boots that are so popular this season. Wear an oversized sweater or oversized blouse for a trendy look. Have you seen the beautiful Geisha blouses? Beautiful over skinny jeans. They come in many colors and with beautiful structures. This way you turn your look into a real eye catcher.

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