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Geisha Women x Iris Zeilstra

Geisha Women x Iris Zeilstra

Iris is an influencer, entrepreneur and mother of three daughters. She runs four hospitality businesses in Amsterdam and travels a lot to Spain. On her socials she gives you a glimpse of her 'everyday life' in which fashion is an integral part and is styled by herself in her own way. In this blog article we would like to tell you more about this collaboration.

"I only show items that I wear myself. During the day, to the office, while working or on a date night with my dear husband. It's so much fun to see that my followers want to know everything and use my styling as inspiration. I like to show women what they can wear and give fashion tips".

At least until the end of this year Iris will show you, via her socials, which products from our fall/winter collection appeal to her and how she combines them. All products are selected by Iris herself on location at Geisha. During a photo shoot for our winter collection Iris stepped onto our set super excited. "What great to get a preview of your collection behind the scenes. I'm already excited!" Soon Iris found out that the winter collection of Geisha consists of many inspiring items for various occasions that she can present excellently on her socials. "These are not single pieces, these are just really nice and good sets that I can wear all day long, are fashionable and are also very stylish and feminine. I secretly didn't think that would happen".

Do you want to see which items from the new winter collection of Geisha Iris picked and how she styles them? Then check out her selection here ( and follow Iris on instagram via @iriszeilstra.

Meet Iris - 8 questions to get to know her better

Geisha: Where does your passion for fashion come from?
Iris: I think mostly through my mom! She used to have a clothing room and loved shopping with me and my sister. Sometimes the three of us would spend a Saturday afternoon together looking for sets for the new season. When my mother went out for dinner or had a party and was getting dressed I would always sit on her bed and watch her get beautifully dressed.

Geisha: How would you describe your own clothing style?
Iris: I find it so hard to describe my clothing style because I can enjoy so many different looks. For a night out for dinner I wear nice heels and a dress, but I also enjoy my casual daytime looks and can feel very comfortable in a feminine dress with boots. If I had to describe my style it would be cool, feminine and chic.

Geisha: What do you hate about clothing?
Iris: If something is too small or very uncomfortable, I really hate that. I want to feel good in an outfit and that starts with comfort.

Geisha: If you were to compare yourself to a piece of clothing. What would you be?
Iris: A black blazer, timeless.

Geisha: What is your biggest fashion blunder?
Iris: when I was pregnant with Bo I wore very big blouses and sweaters, later on in photos I saw that they were really big. With Olivia and Charlotte I wore more tight clothes. That way the belly showed much better and it looked more elegant.
Geisha: Do you have a fashion or style icon?
Iris: Yes, I find Blake Lively very inspiring. First as an actress in the drama series gossip girl and now on the red carpet or in daytime I almost always think; omg yes!

Geisha: what fashion tip should every woman take to heart?
Iris: choose what suits you. I think a big mistake a lot of women make is that we "have" to be in a size 36 or 38. I sometimes grab a size 40 of something and get told but you are a size 36 right? When you feel comfortable and beautiful you radiate that! Take a good look at yourself; what do you like and accentuate that!

Geisha: what do you give your daughters when it comes to fashion?
Iris: that they wear what makes them happy, that they can choose for themselves and create their own style. That is unique and the most beautiful thing there is.

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