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Fall/Winter '22 - Back to work

Fall/Winter '22 - Back to work

The summer vacations are coming to an end and the days are starting to get shorter faster again. Many of us have already left our vacations behind us and are slowly finding our way back to work. Besides all that comes with work, every morning there is that one question: "What do I wear?"

Geisha is coming to your rescue!

Luckily we're here, especially to help you out we've put together some great work outfits. There are different styles for a perfect work-outfit.

We divide the styles and give you the looks Geisha has available for you.

1. Business formal: This is the most formal dress code. You should think about a skirt or a suit. Combine your suit or skirt always with a shirt or neat pullover with a turtleneck or stand-up collar. Do this in a subtle pattern or make sure you have a quiet color palette. Geisha has especially many suitable tops and blouses for this look. Wear these over a neat skirt or pencil skirt and a pair of pumps or loafers.

2. Business informal: This look is still very formal, but a little less formal. With this look you can think of pants combined with a blouse and a pair of heels or loafers. A nice blouse dress or shirtdress would also do well in this style. However, the colors should still be calm and subdued. You will never see sneakers in this style. The dresses from Geisha that are suitable for this style have extra nice details which makes them just a bit more chic than a regular dress.

3. Business casual: This style is a tricky one and is actually very different for each company. Because what one company in this style is really not allowed, may be at another company again. In general, this style means no light colored jeans, no short dress or skirt. A dark color jeans with a subtle wash is allowed again. For us, our beautiful dresses lend themselves perfectly for this style. Combine these dresses with a boot or ankle boots.

4. Smart casual: This is a combination of casual yet stylish, business and other clothing styles. In this style you have much more freedom. For example, combine dark jeans with a colorful blouse, wear a nice shirt dress with white sneakers or loafers. PU leather pants with a colorful top or shirt. Oversized blazer. Much more can be done in this style, but try to keep a neat undertone. The nice thing about this style is that it often matches what you would wear at home. You don't have to change if you want to go out for dinner with friends after work.

5. Casual: Last but not least, casual. A casual dress code is generally considered less formal than business casual. You can wear more relaxed, informal clothing, but not necessarily what you wear on the street or what you lounge in at home. For example, a casual dress code may make employees wear jeans every day, but still discourage sweatpants. Usually you know what is not done at your company in this regard. As far as we're concerned, our tops, blouses, dresses and jeans lend themselves very well to this style.

Check out our Shop the Looks for more inspiration. At Geisha we pay attention to the little details. The right fabric in combination with the right model. This way you wear our items not only with great comfort but you always look good. Geisha is there for every moment of the day.

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