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Fall/Winter '22 - Maximalism

Fall/Winter '22 - Maximalism

If we had to name one overarching trend for the fall/winter 2022 season, it would be maximalism. Maximalism has been at the centre of fashion trends since 2020, while minimalism is more in the background. The alternation from minimalism to maximalism and vice versa seems to have a pattern. About every 10 years, fashion changes within these two trends.

What is fashion maximalism?

By now we are all familiar with minimalism of the past 10 years: basic colours, monochrome looks and less is more. Maximalism is the exact opposite of minimalism: nice bright colours, mix and match prints and, above all, more is more.
Maximalism started in the 1960s as a reaction to the minimalism of the 1950s (the birth era of minimalism). So the two movements have always been connected. Nor is it surprising that maximalism was born out of minimalism; every trend or movement has its countermovement.

How do you dress maximalist?

Maximalism is basically about being as expressive as possible with your own fashion style. Nothing is too crazy or too minimal. There is really only one real rule for maximalist style: more is more.
Still, to make it a little easier for you to navigate within maximalism, we at Geisha Fashion have listed our favourite trends of this movement. For each trend we will show you matching items, making it all the easier to score the perfect maximalist outfit!

Trend Textures

The first trend within maximalism is textures. The chunkier the texture the better. Think chunky knit tops, velour, corduroy and fuzzy jumpers. Especially mixing different textures is in with this trend, for example style your fuzzy jumper with corduroy trousers and finish the look with funky booties.

Trend All-over prints

Just as the monochrome look is popular with minimalism, prints are popular with maximalism. No print is too crazy. Within maximalism, many prints are especially mixed and matched, but you can also go for a fun all-over print look. To complete the look, you can add some nice contrasting shoes to bring the maximalism a bit more.

Trend Graphic prints

If all-over prints are a bit too intense for you, graphic prints are a good alternative. Think graphic t-shirts or crewnecks. The graphic print adds that extra something to your outfit, taking it away from minimalism. A graphic tee usually falls within a slightly tougher style, so match the shirt with wide-leg trousers and combat boots.

Trend Colourful statements

With maximalism, it's all about colour. Now, your whole outfit does not have to be brightly coloured, but a pop of colour here and there gives your look that extra something you are looking for. For this look, go for a brightly coloured statement jumper or a top with a nice coloured print, style it with your favourite jeans and trainers and the look is complete.

Trend Colour blocking

A statement colour in your outfit is always good, but if you want to take it one step further, you could go for a colour blocking outfit. With colour blocking, you choose two (or more) colours that recur within different elements of your outfit. Colour blocking is ideal for layering. Colours that combine well are contrasting colours or colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. Match your jumper with your shoes, make the collar of a blouse appear over the edge of jumper and match it with the colour of your trousers. It's that easy to create a colour blocking outfit. Pair our blue turtleneck with the black poplin blouse and black trousers and finish the outfit by matching your shoes with the turtleneck.

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