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Spring/Summer '23 - These are the trends for spring/summer 2023

Spring/Summer '23 - These are the trends for spring/summer 2023

Now that the fashion shows for the spring and summer 2023 season are behind us, it is high time to list all the trends. This article charts and explains the most common and eye-catching trends. For each trend, style advice is provided so that you can incorporate the hottest trends into your own clothing style.

Colour for days

Since 2021, fashion has been increasingly moving from minimalism to maximalism. Maximalism is also central in the 2023 summer season. This manifests itself mainly in the use of colour. We see many garments in bright colours, and striking colours are also used together in one item. Think of colour blocking or multiple colours in a print. Some popular colours this season are green, magenta, orange and blue.

Denim from head to toe

One of the biggest trends this season is the extensive use of denim. Now jeans and denim jackets are always in fashion, but this trend goes a step further. Indeed, with this trend, you will see a lot of full denim looks. Denim tops, denim jackets, denim dresses, denim hats, you name it, it is made of denim. To participate in this trend, it is especially important that you make sure your different denim items match in colour, to create a nice uni look.

A-line silhouettes

The a-line silhouette has also made a big comeback for next season. Most of the dresses and skirts that passed by on the runways had an a-line silhouette. The length of the garments varies a lot with this silhouette. Thus, we see lengths from mini skirts to maxi dresses recurring in the shows. An A-line dress or skirt is very diverse and easy to style. You can make the dress or skirt very dressy by combining it with a pair of nice heels. For a casual look, wear a pair of trainers and an oversized jacket with it.

True vintage

Last seasons, the 70s, 80s and 90s were already very popular. This coming summer season, we go even further back in time. In many of the shows, Edwardian-era silhouettes featured a lot. This was especially evident in the dresses, skirts and tops. The hallmarks of this era were especially ballgown dresses, hoop skirts and lots of layers and ruffles.
To walk down the street with a medieval dress might be a bit too extreme, but this trend translates well to contemporary clothing items. For example, opt for a dress with a flared skirt, tops with ruffles and skirts that are layered.

Big details & accessories

One of the most striking trends for spring were extremely big accessories and garment details. For example, we saw many hand-sized buttons, bows and zips. Belts were also wide and large, a real statement. In contrast, the clothing items themselves only seem to get smaller: micro skirts, mini dresses and ultra short shorts.
To incorporate this trend into your outfits yourself, you can opt for necklaces with big pendants, a nice wide belt and choose clothing items with big details. Then balance your outfit by keeping the silhouettes of the clothes small and compact.

20th century is here to stay

As we mentioned above, the 70s, 80s and 90s have been very popular in the fashion industry for several seasons now. This spring season too, we see a lot of these eras returning in the form of silhouettes, colours and prints. The different years are also worn interchangeably, so you don't have to have an all 70s outfit. The key to this trend is to choose an element from one (or more) eras and incorporate it into your contemporary outfit.

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