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Spring/Summer '23 - How to style the fashion trend of 2023: airy styles

Spring/Summer '23 - How to style the fashion trend of 2023: airy styles

Late December 2022 Pinterest released there trend predictions for 2023, with airy styles as the most popular fashion trend. In this article we will explain what this trend is, what it contains and how you can style this trend.

What is airy styles?

Airy styles combines ethereal aesthetics and whimsical aesthetics in everyday wear. Think about princess dress silhouettes and past trends like fairycore and cottagecore. Within this trend we see lots of pastels, lace, ruffles, flowy fabrics and shimmers.

Colour use within airy styles

The main colours used within this trend are cream tones and pastels. Every now and then you will also see white and black to combine the airy styles items with.

Cremes and nutrals

Cremes and nutrals are mainly used as a base for the outfits. Think flowy trousers and pantaloons in these colours. Often the look is then finished off with a pastel-coloured top, accessories and shoes. Creams and nutrals are also used with wide-fitting maxi dresses and jackets.


Airy styles mainly use pastel colours and muted colours. The most common pastel colours are pink, purple and blue. These colours are incorporated into every clothing item within this style whether it is a plain-coloured top, jumper or trousers or a printed blouse, dress or jacket. Pastel colours can be styled in three ways:
-  As a monochrome look, i.e. an entire outfit in one colour.
-  Also common is colour blocking, where two pastel colours are combined in an outfit.
-  The pastel item is the eye-catcher of the outfit and is combined with a neutral top or bottom.

Silhouettes & details

The name of the trend says it all, the fabrics and silhouettes used are nice and airy and flowy. Perfect for summer to stay nice and cool. Details that are common are ruffles, lace and glitter.

Flowy fabrics

Airy fabrics that fall smoothly and have a flowy fit are the key aspect of this trend. Think flowy trousers and airy flowy skirts. Blouses also fall smoothly and often have puff or bat sleeves. Dresses also fall very wide to again create the airy and magical effect.

See through

Airy fabrics are common in chiffon and mesh. Consequently, many see-through items are used with the airy styles. Think see-through trousers paired with a matching top or oversized jacket. Of course, the trousers have a second (short) pant underneath. Not only the trousers are see-through, but also the blouses and tops are mostly see-through. You can style these with a nice under-top or wear a denim jacket or blazer over them.


One detail that recurs in every airy styles outfit is the ruffle details on clothing items. Think of dresses with ruffle details and blouses with ruffles on the front and sleeves. In our collection, we have many items that meet this criteria of ruffles, because it's all about the details.


Lace is used both as a detail in clothing items within this trend and as a full print on a blouse or dress. A nice heel always goes well with lace and creates a romantic look. If you still want a casual look, wear an oversized denim jacket over your lace dress and combine a lace blouse with tough jeans.


The final feature of airy styles is the use of shiny fabrics and subtle glitter. For example, glittery yarns are incorporated into knitted jumpers and blouses. Shiny fabrics such as satin or a satin look are used in tops and dashing trousers. These are styled with a cream or neutral item.

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