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Spring/Summer '23 - Why an underdress is a must have

Spring/Summer '23 - Why an underdress is a must have

In this article, we explain what an underdress is, what you can use an underdress for, what the benefits are, what the different types of underdresses are and how to style the slipdress as a separate clothing item.

What is an underdress?

An underdress is a dress that, as the name suggests, you wear under other dresses. The underdress has been around almost as long as people have started wearing clothes, but the current form of the underdress comes from the 1950s. An underdress is usually 5cm shorter than the dress you wear over it and almost always has adjustable spaghetti straps.

What are the different types of petticoats?

A distinction can be made between long and short petticoats, this simply has to do with the different types of dresses on the market.
Furthermore, there are many different colours of petticoats, but the most important and accessible dresses tend to be skin-coloured (from cream to brown) and black. In doubt about the colour? Then we recommend adding a skin-coloured underdress to your wardrobe first, as it can be combined with everything.

Why do you need an underdress?

Now that we know what an underdress is and what types there are, it is also important to know why people wear an underdress and therefore why you should also add it to your wardrobe.


The underdress was first worn to ensure that all your dresses fall like a glove. It ensures that unwanted wrinkles, lines and unevenness don't show in your favourite dresses.

Wrap dresses

An underdress is also perfect to wear under wrap dresses. We all know that a wrap dress is very nice and stylish, but sometimes the neckline falls open just a bit too far or your legs are just a bit too exposed. An underdress offers the perfect solution to this unwanted peeping in. Not only does it provide an extra layer, it can also add detail to your outfit.

Sheer dresses

Sheer dresses are hot this year and can be combined well with a great under dress. Some fabrics, like for example linen, sometimes show through a little, but with an underdress this is no longer an issue.

Extra warmth

Would you like to keep wearing your summer dresses all year round? You can do so by wearing an underdress underneath. The underskirt provides a little extra warmth, so wear it with a nice cardigan or jacket and turn your summer dress into a winter item.

Less laundry

An underdress ensures that your dresses need to be washed less often. This way, they last longer and it is also better for the environment.

Slip dress as fashion item

The underdress can also be worn as a dress on its own. This was first done in the 1990s and this trend has come all the way back recently. Style the dress with a blazer, cardigan or denim jacket. You can wear tough boots as well as heels.

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