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We would like to ask you not to return ordered OUTLET products. We ask this for sustainability reasons and to prevent destruction of clothing. Every order that is not returned contributes to a reduction in transport and CO2 emissions. Is a product not to your liking? Make someone else happy with your purchase!
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Geisha PU pants 01859-60
€ 31.99 € 79.99

Affordable shopping in the OUTLET at Geisha

Despite the fact that our Geisha women & girls collection is timeless and will last many seasons, we introduce new collections every season, which means older collections have to make way, also online. In the Geisha women & girls OUTLET collection, you will find items that are no longer presented in the Geisha women & girls collection. So you can only find these items under OUTLET, and often they are discounted and no longer available in all sizes. Of course, if your favourite size is still available, you're extra lucky. Geisha women and girls OUTLET products are checked for the correct quality, so you can assume that these products are also in good condition.

Geisha OUTLET return

The Geisha women & girls OUTLET products can be returned just like the regular Geisha women's and girls collection. After checking your return, you will receive the purchase price from us to the account with which you paid. If you paid afterwards with Klarna, the purchase amount will be deducted from your outstanding Klarna invoice. So you can always count on Geisha Women & girls OUTLET products to be of good quality. Don't forget to take a look at the Geisha women and Geisha girls collection so that you can perhaps combine your Geisha Women and Geisha girls OUTLET products with that one new item that appeals to you.

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